Fake ID – Big & Rich

So I can’t exactly say that this song has been on my “heart” recently, but it’s definitely been on my mind! I’ve got a great bunch of friends who I go line dancing with every week, and this is one of the songs and dances I’ve learned. It’s the song from the Footloose movie (which I loved!), and one of the harder dances to do! Last week I even had a couple of great guys who helped me learn how to waltz! It’s so much fun and something I look so forward to every week. So…this song definitely isn’t one with “meaningful” lyrics for me, but it is a lot of fun to dance too, and fingers crossed we’ll get to do this dance again this week!  I’ve attached the official video below from the movie which shows the dance too.

I’m also going to attempt to get back to weekly song posts. I’ve got a whole list of songs in the front of my journal just waiting to make it to the blog! Next week…look for a new post with a beautiful song by Ginny Owens. 🙂

Fake ID – Big & Rich
Hey, I’ve been driving all over town
On my cellphone wearin’ it out
And I’ve finally tracked you down.
Hey, everybody says you’re the man
The final piece to my master plan
You got my world in the palm of your hand.
Well I know that you got it
Come on and just sell it
Got the cash up in my pocket
You know I gotta get it.

Hey mister won’t you sell me a fake ID
There’s a band in the bar that I’m dying to see
I got my money and you got what I need
Hey mister won’t you sell me a fake ID.

Hey, don’t even think about tellin’ me no
It’s only twenty minutes till the show
Hey mister turn it over let’s go.
No, I ain’t gonna need a receipt
Just make sure that it looks like me
So the bouncer don’t call the police.
And don’t tell my daddy
Stole the keys to his caddy
Don’t dilly dally
I gotta get the hell out of this alley. Chorus

Here’s my money, now get out of my way
Gonna push my luck right up to the stage. Chorus x3


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