Numbers – Jason Michael Carroll

For most people, 12/12/12 is just a cool date on the calendar.  For me though, that date means much more.  Like the lyrics of this song say, Numbers…”Most of them mean absolutely nothing, but some of them mean everything.”  Today will be a day of reflection, and thinking back on many past years of my life.  I’ll be thinking about the promises I made 4 years ago today, and the promises I kept to the very end.

Not just for today, but for so long now, I’ve been praying that God would grant me peace.  I’m blessed to say that I am a different person today than I used to be, and so very thankful for what I’ve been given, even though trials in my life.  I’m overcome with joy when I think back on my life and everything I’ve done.  So as I go throughout my day today, not only will I be thinking about my past, but also about all the dates that will be memorable for me in the future.  Sadly, we’ll never see a 13/13/13, or others, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be dates that mean so much more to me than today does.  What an incredible thought…

Numbers – Jason Michael Carroll 
I’m doin’ seventy-two in a sixty-five,
On I-24 in a four-wheel drive
Got a ten o’clock on Eighteenth Avenue
And there’s a thirty percent chance of rain all week
And the high today is gonna be eighty-three
They’re playing Highway 101 on 102.5
An eighteen wheeler by my side.

Numbers all around, flying by, up and down,
Some as slow as Christmas coming,
Some like the speed of sound,
And we all wonder, what they mean,
The highs, the lows, the in-betweens
Most of them mean absolutely nothing
But some of them mean everything.

I met her at 9:15 on my buddy’s back porch
Shootin’ bottle rockets on July fourth
We we both nineteen and she was a perfect 10,
Then three years later ‘neath a million stars,
In my F-150 on her granddad’s farm,
I slipped a half-carat diamond on the third finger, of her left hand
And asked to be her one and only man.  Chorus

John 3:16, the Fab four,
The fifty-yard line, the thirteenth floor,
9/11, the dirty dozen,
We’re all waiting on the Second Coming.  Chorus

I’m doin’ seventy-two in a sixty-five,
On I-24 in a four-wheel drive
Got a ten o’clock on Eighteenth Avenue.