Who You Are – Unspoken

It’s amazing to me how quickly the songs we hear can change their meanings over time, whether it’s several years, months, weeks, or even days.  I originally heard this song a couple weeks ago when a friend posted it to Facebook, and I remember thinking at the time how much I liked it.  About a week later, I had an adolescent in one of my groups recommend that I listen to it for use in a music therapy session.  Only a few days later, I had another adult patient request to hear it in a “song choice” themed session we were having.  Then it was just this weekend when I heard this song on the radio again, and began thinking about the meaning of it once more.

So, it was a couple weeks ago that I began typing up these lyrics on this blog, but just now finishing the post tonight.  It’s incredible for me to think now about these lyrics and how much the meaning has changed compared to when I first heard this song.  I tell my patients all the time that songs, styles, genres of music that you like now will most likely not be the same in a few months, but I got to see first hand how quickly the meaning of music can change for me as well.  So…after all that rambling, I hope you enjoy this song.  What a powerful message it sends that no matter where you are, the choices you’ve made, the situation you are in, you are not too far from kneeling at the foot of the cross and asking for forgiveness.  God doesn’t promise an easy road, but he does promise that he will be by our side every step of the way.  “And everyday you put your feet on the floor, you gotta walk through the door. It’s never gonna be easy, but it’s all worth fighting for.”

Who You Are – Unspoken
I know that look you’re giving,
Like you’ve got something to prove
‘Cause I have walked for miles and miles
In that same pair of shoes
You refuse forgiveness
Like it’s something to be earned
Sometimes pain’s the only way that we can learn.

You can never fall too hard
So fast, so far
That you can’t get back
When you’re lost
Where you are is never too late,
So bad, so much
That you can’t change
Who you are, ooo-oooh
You can change who you are, ooo-oooh.

You believe in freedom,
But you don’t know how to choose
You gotta step out of your feelings
That you’re so afraid to lose
And everyday
You put your feet on the floor, you gotta walk through the door
It’s never gonna be easy
But it’s all worth fighting for.  Chorus

So let the ashes fall wherever they land
Come back from wherever you’ve been
To the foot of the cross
To the feet of Jesus,
The feet of Jesus.  Chorus


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