Forever Young – The Tenors

As my birthday has been approaching, I’ve been thinking a lot about the music I’ve been listening to recently, and thinking about what song I would choose to put on the blog. When this song came on last weekend, I knew it was the one. “Forever Young” was originally recorded by Bob Dylan, but has been redone by the group formerly known as The Canadian Tenors. It’s a BEAUTIFUL song, and I think speaks a lot to a new chapter in my life. It’s incredible to look back at where I was for my birthday last year — still trying to make friends, still trying to settle in to a new life. I have no doubt though that this year will be, and already is, completely different. I truly feel like I will be “forever young”…maybe one of those little old ladies at 85 who still wants to go exploring, try new things, travel new places. Right now though at 25, I can say that I’m already excited for all the trips, new adventures, and excitement that’s being planned for this year. I can’t wait! My favorite lyrics of this song are these: “May your heart always be joyful, your song always be sung, and may you stay forever young.” I pray the lyrics of this song for my life as I begin this new year…

Forever Young – The Tenors
May God bless and keep you always
May your wishes all come true
May you always do for others
Let others do for you
May you build a ladder to the sky
Climb on every rung
And may you stay forever young.

May you grow up to be righteous
May you grow up to be true
May you always know the truth
And see the light surrounding you
May you always be courageous
Stand upright and be strong
And may you stay forever young.

Forever young
Forever young
May you stay forever.

May your hands always be busy
May your feet always be swift
May you have a strong foundations
When the winds of changes shift
May your heart always be joyful
Your song always be sung
And may you stay forever young. Chorus

May God bless and keep you always
May your wishes all come true
And may you stay
Forever young.


Roads – Chris Mann

It’s great to have been posting more lately – but I still can’t keep up with all the music that’s been in my thoughts or on my heart!  I was actually sitting at the hair salon tonight getting a new color for summer, and heard this song come on the radio.  Especially for how I’ve been feeling this week, the lyrics just seemed to fit perfectly.  I’ve had a LOT of things on my mind recently…and it’s been forcing me to really stop and think about all the choices I’ve been given.  There are so many areas I can invest my time in in the future which makes it not only overwhelming to think about where I’m choosing to invest my time now, but also what my goals are for the next several years.  I’ve also been thinking a lot about the people I am choosing to invest my time in as well.  How do I know what road is right for me, and who is on that journey with me?   I’m in the process where I’m just trusting that God will help me understand which path is best.  So as I heard this song tonight, all I could think about is just all the roads that I have the option to take at this point in my life.  I know that ultimately, God has an amazing plan for me – I just have to trust Him in designing that incredible plan for my future.  Love these lyrics:  “But every choice and every step I don’t regret, ‘Cause I have lived and I have loved like no other, I won’t fear what lies ahead.”

Roads – Chris Mann
There are roads in this life that we all travel
There are scars and there are battles where we roam
When we are lost or wherever we may go
They will always lead you home.

There are roads that have led me to another
To a friend or to a lover I have known
For every turn is a year that I have grown
As I walk along these roads.

Some are long and some are weathered
Some will lead you through a storm
When you’ve gone astray you will find your way
As you walk along these roads.

There were times when I stumbled and I wondered
But every choice and every step I don’t regret
‘Cause I have lived and I have loved like no other
I won’t fear what lies ahead.  Chorus

There are roads in this life that I have traveled
There are scars and there are battles, this I know
I’ve been lost, but no matter where I go
They will one day lead me home.
They will one day lead me home.

All of Me – Jon Schmidt

Music doesn’t always have to have words to tell a story.  This song has been on my playlist for several months now, but most recently has acquired a new meaning in my life.  It’s no secret that I love Jon Schmidt and the Piano Guys, and this song is definitely one of my favorites.  There have been many nights I’ve stayed up late to play the piano or gotten up in the early morning hours of not sleeping to play this song.  It’s a good one for me when I’ve got a lot on my mind and need a chance to relax and just express my thoughts in music.  This song is also great for distraction as Jon Schmidt makes it look WAY easier to play than it actually is!  (I also have to say though how cathartic it is to be able to play an entire set of notes with your arm…which is maybe the best part of this song!)  Thinking about giving “All of Me”…my heart, my time, my emotions…has been a freeing feeling these last couple of weeks.  So, before I dive into my personal life any deeper, I’ll just stop and say that I only hope you will enjoy this song as much as I do.  🙂

I Can Sleep When I’m Dead – Jason Michael Carroll

All I can say is that this song has been my motto for life these last several weeks…or maybe months?!  Eek!  I’ve been sooo busy with traveling, work, social events…and my schedule doesn’t get any less busy any time soon!  Even this last weekend, we stayed out all night Saturday after dancing and just went straight to church on Sunday morning.  Bad life choice?  Possibly.  Waaaay too much fun?  Yes.  Did I even know there was the daylight savings time change?  Nope!  As busy as my schedule is, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  I love spending time with friends, having people over, traveling to new places, and the lack of sleep is always worth it!  So…on that note, I don’t have much to say other than…”Life’s too fun and I’m too young and the night ain’t over yet. Like I said…I can sleep when I’m dead.”

I Can Sleep When I’m Dead – Jason Michael Carroll
I got a little game that I play
And I call it “Try to beat the morning paper home”
I ain’t very good but I get a lot of practice
Even won once a month ago
Of course there was a girl involved that wasn’t gonna let me rest
But I’ve always said, I can sleep when I’m dead.

If there’s somethin’ goin’ on within a hundred miles from home,
You’re gonna hear my V8 sing
Long as I can beat the train and they got a passing lane,
Baby, I ain’t gonna miss a thing
Life’s too fun and I’m too young and the night ain’t over yet
Like I said, I can sleep when I’m dead.

It ain’t no fun if ya ain’t got money
So I always make it in to work
The trick is to leave at least a half an hour
To brush my teeth and change my shirt
Keep a closet-full of Red Bull and Visine to hide the red
I don’t need the rest, I can sleep when I’m dead.  Chorus

When I get tired, I’ll go to bed
All that I can say is that it hasn’t happened yet.  Chorus

Like I said, like I said, like I said
I can sleep when I’m dead.