All of Me – Jon Schmidt

Music doesn’t always have to have words to tell a story.  This song has been on my playlist for several months now, but most recently has acquired a new meaning in my life.  It’s no secret that I love Jon Schmidt and the Piano Guys, and this song is definitely one of my favorites.  There have been many nights I’ve stayed up late to play the piano or gotten up in the early morning hours of not sleeping to play this song.  It’s a good one for me when I’ve got a lot on my mind and need a chance to relax and just express my thoughts in music.  This song is also great for distraction as Jon Schmidt makes it look WAY easier to play than it actually is!  (I also have to say though how cathartic it is to be able to play an entire set of notes with your arm…which is maybe the best part of this song!)  Thinking about giving “All of Me”…my heart, my time, my emotions…has been a freeing feeling these last couple of weeks.  So, before I dive into my personal life any deeper, I’ll just stop and say that I only hope you will enjoy this song as much as I do.  🙂


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