Lead With Your Heart – The Tenors

This song is one that I’ve loved for a long time, but became even more meaningful after hearing The Tenors perform in Kansas City a couple weekends ago. I’m definitely one of those people who doesn’t think “logically” all the time. I’m a MUSIC therapist…I deal with emotions all day long, every day. I make people laugh, I make people cry, I don’t make people think about big decisions using their brain, but instead using their heart. I recently had a friend tell me that I can sometimes make life harder for myself because I let my emotions dictate my decisions instead of trying to analyze life and figure it out logically. On one hand, yeah, I’m sure that does make me more vulnerable and open to having my heart hurt more easily. I trust people that I meet completely, and I like to believe the best in others which sometimes means I get “fooled by the lies” which this song talks about. On the other hand though, I think using my heart to guide my life just means that I’m genuine, and that I don’t pretend to be someone that I’m not. Being friends with Mer means you get 100% of me…my goofy personality, my quirky laugh, my southern attitude, and complete honesty. I’m just not willing to be someone I’m not just to impress somebody. God has done an incredible work in my life to take me from being completely broken, to a strong and independent woman. Loving the people around me and using my heart to show me where I’m supposed to be doesn’t work for everybody, but it is what works for me.

“And there’s no longer any doubt what the mystery’s about for you, or what you should do. Lead, lead with your heart. It’s the one thing you can trust to always come from love.”

Lead With Your Heart – The Tenors
In this world, it’s hard to tell the shadows from the light
What is real can find a way to hide behind the lies
Don’t be fooled or ruled by voices all around you
‘Cause your road will always be revealed.

If you lead, lead with your heart,
It’s the one thing you can trust, to always come from love
And it will shine, right through the dark
Like a northern star to show you what is true
You’ll never lose, if only you
Will lead with your heart.

You have been, the truest friend that anyone could have
And that love you always give I want you to get back.
You’ve been knocked down, and found, that everyone is what they show you.
What is true will always be revealed. Chorus

It takes the beautiful unknown, that somehow makes you feel
You’re home again, finally home again
And there’s no longer any doubt what the mystery’s about for you
Or what you should do?
Lead, lead with your heart
It’s the one thing you can trust
To always come from love. Chorus


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