The First Time – Mercy Me

These words really sum up what this song means for me:  “After all of my searching, and all of my reaching.  I’m left with nothing, nothing of worth.  You treasure the broken, over and over, give me a hope that could never be earned.  It’s still amazing — that You’d ever save me.  Just when I’d seen it all, new mercy breaks the dawn.  And with my eyes open wide, it feels like the first time, first time.”
These past few weeks, I feel like my eyes are open wide, and it feels like the first time again…just trying to understand the path God has for me in my life.  It’s incredible to think about everything that I’ve done and been a part of this year.  In the past 12 months, I’ve traveled for multiple week-long trips and vacations to New York, Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois, Peru-South America, Washington, Oregon, Canada — and each trip for the very first time.  It’s amazing what God has shown me and taught me this past year.  I’m blessed to say that I haven’t earned God’s grace, but that He has provided for me in so many ways.  What an opportunity I’ve been given to travel around the world and see His beautiful creation in so many incredible places.  Sitting at the top of this mountain in Washington just last week overlooking Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier, I sang this song, and tears went streaming down my face.  “Your majesty overwhelming, Your love for me, is healing oh God.”  What a gift…


The First Time – Mercy Me
Day after day
I try to explain You
Like I can contain You
In so many words.

But You are the ocean
And I’m on the shoreline
Thinking I know You
Like You could be learned.

It’s so amazing
That You’d ever save me.

I thought I knew Your face
I thought I’d tasted grace
But I have never felt anything close to this
Just when I’d seen it all
New mercy breaks the dawn
And with my eyes open wide
It feels like the first time, first time
It feels like the first time, first time.

After all of my searching
And all of my reaching
I’m left with nothing
Nothing of worth

You treasure the broken
Over and over
Give me a hope
That could never be earned

It’s still amazing
That You’d ever save me.  Chorus

And Your beauty
No eye has seen
Your majesty overwhelming
Your love for me
Is healing oh God.  Chorus

I can see for the first time, first time
Feels just like the first time.


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